Spring Market at the Farm Thursday, May 19th, 2-6 p.m.

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Birchrun Hills Farm – Farm Market  

Thursday, May 19th, 2-6 p.m.         
2573 Horseshoe Trail
Chester Springs, PA 19425
         In our garage    


  • Wild Indigo   -  Fresh from the farm!
    Wild Indigo is bringing Spinach, Salad Mix, Kale, Swiss Chard, Chinese Radishes, Peas, Baby Carrots, Garlic Scallions, Eggs and Honey too! 
  • The Cob Studio - Cara will bring a variety of functional pottery. Cara is featuring honey pots, cake stands, dog and fern mugs and tiny vases.  King will bring his salmon…delish!

Learn about what fall classes are being offered at The Cob Studio.  www.thecobstudio.com

  • The Wildflower Cafe - Baked Goods, Granola and Bread!
Baked with love & music using organic, quality & local ingredients!
This week from the oven:: Cookies – Chocolate Chunk, Cafe Mokka & Lavender Shortbread, Bourbon Street Pecan Bars, Mollie’s Granola with Wild Bluberries and Pecans, Ciabatta Rolls, Spicy Beer Mustart and a few additional surprises!
  •  Oley Valley Mushrooms - Joe will set up with his amazing shrooms…. Cremini, Shitake, Portobello, Oyster and Trumpet!
    Don’t know how to prepare these? Joe will have recipes on hand and tips for cooking up a tasty dish!
  • Bread by Jerry

Birchrun Hills Farm  

Raw Milk Cheese

 Try our:

Birchrun Blue -  a delicate buttery blue.  
Experimental -
It is! A combination of  alpine style cheeses that results in a very creamy, smooth, nutty cheese with our signature tangy finish. 
Fat Cat -  featuring an earthy tangy quality with a pear-like finish. Quirky and sassy! 
Honey & Sea Salt Spread
Garlic & Sun Dried Tomato Spread

Farmer’s Cheese - shows of the fresh sweetnes of our milk. Similar to a dry curd cottage cheese. Use in omelets, in salads and on pasta.  I like it with apple butter for breakfast.

All – Natural Veal

What is so special about our veal?  Our veal is humanely raised without the use of anitibiotics or added hormones.  We believe that our animals should lead a healthy productive life.  Our veal calves are caringly raised with plenty of sunshine, fresh air and room to move.  Nutrient rich milk from our herd of cows and grass hay in the winter are key to the health and vitality of our veal calves. Tender& flavorful, veal is easy to prepare.
 Available this week:  
Veal Chops                                               $16.00/lb.
Veal Scallopine, 1/2lb – 3/4lb pkg.             $9.00/ 1/2lb.
Veal Cubes, tender& great for stews          $11.00/lb.
Veal Brisket                                              $9.00/lb.
Calf’s Liver                                               $9.00/lb.

Boneless Shoulder Roast                           $8.00/lb.

Neck Roast                                               $6.00/lb.
Ground Veal                                              $6.00/lb

Birchrun Bockwurst                                    $7.95/lb
  Our veal in a traditional german sausage.  Simmer in dark beer and grill. Yum!

All-Natural Pork 

 Our pork is raised all-naturally without the use of antibiotics or hormones.  Our pigs are fed a special diet of whey from our cheesemaking process.  The whey is what remains when the curd of the milk is made into cheese. Whey is rich in protien and pigs love it!  Our inspiration comes from the Parma region of Italy where the pigs are raised exclusively on the whey from the Parmiggiano Reggiano cheesemaking process.  This special diet results in the highly revered Parma ham.  Our pork is defined by the benefits of what our pigs eat and how they are raised.

Available this week:    
                                         Center Cut Pork Chops   $7.50/lb.
                                         Bacon                                   $7.50/lb.
                                         Boneless Shoulder Roast    $6.00/lb.
                                          Italian Sausage    $6.00/lb
                                            Kielbasa                $6.00/lb
                                            Sage Breakfast Sausage   $6.00/lb
                                            Ground Pork                        $6.00/lb
                                           Birchrun Franks    $7.00/lb
                                           Our pork and veal in the best dog you’ll ever have. Really!

Pastured Beef -Naturally Raised

Offering roasts, steaks, ground beef and special cuts. Stop by for a pricelist.

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